Helping Business Owners find the Right Exit Deal

Leaving your legacy to start an adventure

Transparent Process

Aligned Interests

Accelerated Timeline

Navigating Business Exits

Exiting your business seems like going through a labyrinth...

  • Should I use a broker?

  • How will I get the right price?

  • How to avoid time wasters? 

  • Will the new owners continue my legacy, or change it?

  • What will happen to the people

  • Etc. 


Using our 3-step approach, We  work with you to design the right exit deal to set you free 

How We Work with You


Align Interests

Help clarify your expectations and take the guessing out.

We will have frank discussions about what you want out of the transaction and how it might align with our organization

1 to 2 Weeks


Evaluate Business

We carry out a discrete and detailed evaluation of the operations to help us arrive to the right valuation.


Side by side, we will embark on a necessary journey to better understand your business and what its worth to both of us. 

2 to 4 Weeks


Agree Terms

We bring it all together into a final agreement and begin the transition process.

1 to 4 Weeks

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